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How to Display Yahoo Notepad on the iPhone and Android.

Yahoo Notepad is one of the Best Feature from the Yahoo Email Accounts, This is like other Apps such as Stickies or EverNote. This yahoo Notepad is pretty much useful in terms of the Writing the shorts notes and the list of Grocery and all, this is Make you don’t Your Work very easily and within the short period of time for sure.


If you want to access the Yahoo Notepad on your iPhone then this is one and only the best way to use it on your mobile without any issues. Just you have to Open this notepad through the Safari browser which is this Phone one of App, Just open it and goto the yahoo Notepad which is pretty much simply like you do on your Computer.


Yahoo Notepad:

The best part of this yahoo pad is that you can use on all the platforms like android and ios. So i will be going to tell you how you can use it on those platforms and check yahoo notes on your mobiles.


yahoo notepad




How to access yahoo notepad from iPhone:

Now let’s check How you can start using the Yahoo Notepad from the Safari browser on your iPhone, it’s pretty much easy and Very Simple that you can do it on your own also there are the other guides that we have said in a simple and best way so that every of our readers can understand very easily without getting into the too much confusion, Likewise I have written this Yahoo Notepad Guide to make it very simple.


It is a Cloud-based notebook service which is actually you can simply able synced with your yahoo account, which means its all saved on a cloud so that you will always able to access everywhere and anytime that y0u just wanted. So this is one of the reasons that people will always like to go for the cloud-based services, and it was a very Popular in the previous days then before where you cannot carry out your Laptop with you. Like this, Yahoo Notepad is also one of the best things for the Professional students who cannot able to carry and it was a very popular back in the days and it still also very much popular and accessing the notebook online is beneficiary for everyone that you cannot just avoid.


All the information that you have written and saved on the Yahoo Notepad is always safe on the internet because the Yahoo will always keep safe this information without making it in the publicly. So you can save all Types of information without any problem. Once you have saved it on the online then you will always able to see it from the anywhere and in any Devices like Mobile, Laptop and Computer and edit that file from there itself.


  • The very First thing Click on the Safari browser app from Your iPhone.
  • Once it has Opened, Now Simply Click on the circle with “X” so the previous URL will be cancelled, and there will be a chance to enter the new URL.
  • Finally, it will ask to log in int the Yahoo account if you are not logged into the Account previously, but Already if it’s logged in then it will be automatically open the Yahoo Notepad.


Steps to create your first note using Yahoo Notepad:’

Now let’s see How you actually create a New and the first yahoo note on your device, because if you are a beginner then you might get confused, because when you have opened this page for the First time you will just see a blank page where you Just need to create a new note by following the guide below.

  • First, You have to visit a Yahoo notepad page.
  • After it has opened you will just see a blank page, Now Click on the New Note where it will just be located on the Top of the page.
  • Now a New blank page will Come up which the top space where it has to enter to the Title of the note and the below of it is the full space to enter the note that you want to write.
  • Its time to Enter the Title in the Title section, once you have entered it will be saved later, So enter the title carefully without any mistakes.
  • Now in the Body part, you just have to enter whatever you want to wish to write.
  • And Finally after finishing up your Writing then Simply click on the Save button that is located the bottom of the page, Now all your data will be saved Successfully, From there you can simply open the same file whenever you Just want to see it.



This is How you can easily Display ” Yahoo Notepad “ on the iPhone without any issues, I hope now you have learned this and if yes then do share this guide and still if you have any Doubts regarding this Guide then do let me know in the comment section below.


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