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What is SEO How to Do SEO Properly – Beginners Guide.

This article is mainly for beginners who actually do not know what is SEO is. Actually, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Which we get the traffic from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. If you Have started a website that the first thing you have to maintain your website as search engine friendly.


Search engine friendly in the sense, write quality articles, use heading, subheadings, and image Alt and much more. Basically, Sri is not done by one or two days it’s an unlimited process we have to keep doing if we want our websites should rank well on search engines.



When you started your blog or website first you need visitors to your website right? But in starting days it’s not possible to get the top on the search engines.



Because if your website should rank on search engines then there are lots of factors involved.  Today let’s discuss some main factor require for a website for high ranking on search engines.


How to rank on Search Engines with SEO:


As I said above to rank your website on Google first page there are lots of think you need to do for that Today I’ll be going to discuss some of them and the main things you have to take care of your website to rank on Search Engine.


High-quality content:


This is very important to your website because the readers coming on your website so you how to provide some valuable data to them and even when it comes to ranking factor then the high-quality content is very important because the search engines like Google they always try to give their best results to the users.



So when said the best result is nothing but the best quality of content so content is always the main factor that you wants to rank on Google Top list.


How to write high-quality content:

High-quality content in the sense the content writing you should be very informative and the users should get some benefit out of that and write genuine content. Do not copy from others and don’t make a duplicate content because they couldn’t add any value to your website and it also can cause down on search engines.


So please make sure you have to write very good content and I will say that content should be full of information.


  • Below is the something you have to follow while you are writing an article:


Content length:

As I said above the content you are writing should be very informative and it should be very long when I say long you have to explain everything about the topic.


So in that case, you should have to explain them a complete about the topic, then only people get to understand and then come back to your website. when your website is safe traffic is increasing is nothing but you are Ranking will also increase on the search engine. So try to write good and long and very informative content.



The keyboard is also another main thing you should follow when you are writing a content. Find out some keywords what the people are searching and Research on your content and please remember you should not write for the search engine you have to write for people.


Because When the people will get interested on your website they will come back your website which your traffic is increasing when the traffic is increased then your a new website automatically start ranking well




When you are writing an article you have to follow something that you should write a content very understandable ( easy to understand)  which means you have to write an article with headings like H1, H2, and H3.

Headings you should be very meaningful please follow in order, and you can also use the headings with your keywords.  it’ it’s a good practice when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation.



Meta description:

Once you finished your article then you have to must write a nice description of that article. Nice Means you have to write the description, what this article is about and what you will be going to learn within an article.

If you maintain these points then your readers will automatically get interested and they will get into your website and Read your content. This will increase your site ranking too.


Images and videos:

Images are also important for your site Ranking. the only image will rank your website on Google web search engines but there are 200 other signals of there when it comes to Google to rank your website on a top list.



So you have to follow as maximum as you can Search Engine Optimization. You have to put some images and videos where it requires and Do remember when you add images to the article you have to add Alt tag for every image. Because the robots will read Text only but not images, So you have to add all text for every image and also add some videos for better User experience.



So these are some important things that you have to follow when you are writing an article. In upcoming articles, I am going to explain more about SEO. Blogging and other Internet tips and tricks another also. If have any doubt Regarding this Post Please let me know by the comment section below.


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