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What is Cell phone cloning & How to Clone a Phone Without a SIM Card


What is Cell Phone Cloning:

There are the some Top Most Advantages of these Cell Phone Cloning. If you Clone the Phone you will Be able to See there are the Contacts where you can Easily see the Contacts on the Both Phones.


Once you have Cloned the Phones you will able to see the Same Contacts on the Both phones. You will also Find the Backup Data because you have already taken the Backup of all the Data that you have on one Phone.


Now when you see the title of This Article You will able to Know that you Can Able to Clone the Phones without SIM and if you Feel is this possible then You need to Follow the Below Guide to Get to know all about Cloning the Mobile.


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what is cell phone cloning


How to Clone a Phone:

First, You have to Goto The settings on your Mobile then Find the Model number of your Mobile number. Still if you not able to Find that then Simply Go to the Websites where you will find the model numbers of the Cell Phone.


You can Also find the Cell Phone Model of your Mobile on the Backside of your Mobile Box or else you can ALso FInd the Number at the Place of the SIM Slot.


Now you have to Find the ESN Number on the Cell Phone. This ESN Number will have Every Cell Phone that you used. When you make a call From one Mobile an ESN Number will Send to Cell Towers so the company of your Network Will Detect the ESN Number That each time that you make Call.


Pick the Second Phone and Goto the Security Settings and Locate the Electronic Serial Number which is very Important while the Cloning.


Find the Code to Change the Number there is no point to Say there is no Number Evry Phone has this Number Where you will see on the Phones. There are also Some Websites who Provides the Information of this Code.


Now the Final Step is that You have to Change the Phone Number on your Second phone which the First Phone Has. WHich Mean you have to Match both Phones Numbers. Now Turn on the Power to Make A test Call.


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