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How to Upload PDF Files to your WordPress Website

While writing a post or any other time if you want to upload PDF files on your site then you probably don’t know How to upload it and make available to the users to download.


Actually, it is just simple to do this. There are lots of bloggers don’t even know How to upload especially newbies they always get the problem when they want to upload the pdf on their WordPress website.


Upload the pdf in the WordPress websites:


As I said above uploading a pdf file on the WordPress website is a super easy. Just you have to follow the below instructions to learn in an easy way.


First, you have ti desire the place that you want to upload I mean either you want to upload on pages or posts.


Let’s take to upload the pdf on the post now. The first click on the new post or else you can edit the previous post also.

  • Once you open the post you will find the button called add media. 
  • Just click in that this will goes to the page which you can upload the files and media.
  • After you click it will take you to your computer’s files. Then you have to select the pdf file that you want to upload.
  • After you uploaded the file on the post you will see the pdf preview on the right side of the post where you can enter your title, subscription and also you can link to files to some particulars Download place.
  • Once you have done then just click on insert into post. Now you will see the pdf file name on the post but not the file. If you click on the link then you will easily download the file.
  • After complete the edition thing, you can publish it for further actions.


Upload and embed a pdf file in WordPress post or page:


  • This is the method that you can see the Preview of The PDF file Direct on the post itself.  But to do this action you have to download the Google Doc Embedder plugin.
  • After installing the plugin you have to configure the settings. For that, you need to go to the Settings > GDE settings.



  • Now you can specify the language, height and width of the embedded and the other settings. Just make the settings in your requirements.
  • After all these settings you just edit te post and click on the add media button and upload the PDF document. Then you have to copy the URL of the documents then you need to open the new post.
  • Remember you no need to insert the file on the post just copy the URL that enough for the document.
  • Now when you open the new post that you want to put the document just click on the Google doc embedder. Now it will take to you a new pop-up window which has to paste the PDF URL and its size.



  • Now just you need to copy the URL of the pdf document then you can set it’s size if you want.
  • After coping and set the size then click on insert. You have to publish the post. That all now you can see the PDF file direct within the post itself.


This is the way that you can upload the PDF file on the post and page.  I hope this post helped you if you have any doubts regarding this post please let me know by the comment section below.


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