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This copy of windows is not genuine | Best and Easy way to Fix 2019

Most of the People actually Complaining about this and this is also true that people are facing this issue error This copy of Windows is not genuine. The main Reason for this Error This copy of Windows is not genuine is that if you have installed the Pirated Windows OS, then this Error will be Faced.


Once this Error Pop up on your PC, then your PC Screen may become Blank Screen and also their many features will stop working. So to fix this error This copy of Windows is not genuine now on your PC, then Follow the Guide Below.


You Need to Remember one thing that rater going for a Pirated OS it always better to use the Windows Official Genuine OS. When it comes to the Windows Genuine OS which means you need to Purchase the OS from the Windows Store but Don’t Buy from any third Party.


When you purchased On OS from the Windows you will get Genuine OS, So you won’t get any problem in further. And genuine is always is the Best thing for Everywhere.  But you Don’t want to Spend money on Windows then simply go and Continue Reading this Guide.


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Fix for Error This copy of Windows is not Genuine:

Now you just need to Follow the 3 Simple Steps to get rid of This copy of Windows is not genuine which I have Explained below. This Methods Will only work 32 bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 7. Also Remember that you just need to Follow the Guide in a Right way, for Example, If you won’t see an Error after doing the second Step also you must continue the third Step for not get this error in future.


Step 1: Uninstall Update KB971033.

The main Reason Behind shows this error Behind this error “this copy of windows is not genuine,” is Windows has Updated the file but the file has not detected on your Windows OS. Now before going into the Main Solution for this Issue, You need to Uninstall the new Updates which was detected on your Windows PC. But also you need to Remember When you see the Updates then only you have to uninstall the updates otherwise you Can Simply skip this step.


But if you want to Uninstall then Follow the Below Guide.

  • First, you have to Open Control Panel.
  • Now Go to the Windows Update Section.
  • Just Click on the view installed Updates.
  • Once it finished the Loading all installed updates, You have to check the update “KB971033” and Uninstall it.
  • Now simply Restart your PC, and you are done with this update. If you have not found any updates then You can Simply Skip this step and go to the Next step.


Step 2: Use SLMGR -REARM command:

Now You can easily follow this Guide and this is the Actually guide for “Windows not genuine error”.

  • First, you have to go to the Start Button from the Start Menu.
  • Simply search for cmd in the Search Field.
  • Now you will able to See command prompt, right click on that and select Run as Administrator. The command prompt should run as administrator privileges otherwise you will not going to finish your Task.
  • Now Type SLMGR -REARM and press Enter button.
  1. SLMGR – it is a Tool which manages the Software license
  2. REARM- it is a command which resets license status a machine.
  • You will able to see a Windows, now Simply Click Ok.
  • Now Simply Restart your PC and You are Done. Now You won’t see this Error. Still, If you have this Error then Follow the Guide below to try for SLMGR /REARM.


SLMGR -REARM are Most of the Time Works for 32 Bit version, it also Work for 64-bit version but you need to Remember that if it won’t work for 64 then simply try SLMGR /REARM.


But Most cases the above steps will work for sure, You have to Let me know If it works for you or not, if not then Just let me know in the comment section will guide you for the best Solution.


Step 3: Turn off Updates

You are one of the People who is using the Pirated Software then You Must need to turn off the Updates, because when you are not using the Genuine software then you have to Turn off it otherwise if any new updates will come you will easily find this “This copy of Windows is not genuine” for Sure.


So just you have to follow the steps below to Turn of the Updates.

  • Simply Go to your Control Panel.
  • Now click on the Windows Updates.
  • Click on the Install updates automatically.
  • Now you have to set it to select Never Check for Updates.


After doing this Still you are seeing the black screen then simply change the Background of the Screen of the Windows PC.


Still, If this error won’t disappear then It’s better to take a CD/DVD of windows and Reinstall it again you will never get this error This copy of Windows is not genuine again.



This is How you can get Rid of This copy of Windows is not a Genuine error”. And You will never get this error in future. You can use this OS forever but you won’t get updates.


But as all, we know Old version of OS is always not a Good idea at least most of the Time because attackers will attack the Old Versions OS and old ones are very easy to Hack. so It’s always Better to use the Genuine windows OS from the Windows store.


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