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How to Make True Money Online without any Investment

These days People are Very Interest in Self Dependent. If you want to not depend on others is nothing but your not asking and expecting Money from other. Because if you want to leave on your own, then money is the most requirement for you. So In this Seneiurio, they are Searching for the jobs and Some Of them wants to Make the money from the Online.


So, Our topic Is today is How to make money online and Am going to tell you the best ways and I can say Genuine ways. If you can see there are lots of information on the internet that you can make money online and you will get confused by seeing and reading and also you will find there lots frauds also there which you can’t find genuine from them. because you are new to this field right.


  • To clear all your confusions and make you more knowledgeable about on this topic I’m writing this article so you can learn.


This article for mainly for the beginners who don’t know  The ways are to Making money online. So let get into the details.


How to Make genuine and True Money online:

As I said above, You should not go for Small kinds of Jobs like Data Entry, Email Forwarding, and Captcha entry.  Because most of them are fake and you will not get any kind of money from those frauds. So If you want to make money online definitely you should have some skills. Like


So If you want to make money online, definitely you should have some skills. Like Technology, Fashion Design, Teaching, and art design. If you have the skill then definitely you can make money online.



The Ways The I’m mentioning below are the most genuine ways:


1.  Web Development:

This is the one of the best way to make money online. But you should have knowledge about web development I mean you should at least know that how to develop a website. If you know already then you can go ahead with this to make awesome websites.


There are lots of company who does not have the website If you can also make a website for them and Charge some amount for your work. If clients, not come at you, you have to go to the client’s place and tell them that website id very requirement in these days so if possible you can also make a website for your company the if they convince and they like your approach they will give the work to you. now you have to tell them these are the money that I will charge. this is the process and make some decent money from some companies who don’t have the websites.


2. Freelance writing:

Freelance is another Great way to make money online. This is actually for who loves writing because you can easily earn up to $1 per word which is a nice thing for the writers.

But remember if you are not interested in writing So you just avoid and you don’t think about it.  You can’t make money online in some days it takes long up to 6-8 months so you should have the patience for a wait. moreover, everyone, who wants to join in freelance writings they must require nice writing skills.


make genuine money online


How to Join freelance writings?

It is pretty simple to join but you have to make a very impressive portfolio. people start giving work to you by in your portfolio. So your portfolio will place the important role on freelancing.


Once you join in the Freelancing first try to take a small project and give the best work so they can impress of your work and they will give a nice review about you. Your Clients review is very important when it comes to maintaining high-level Portfolio. The client will also give the rating based on your work time and quality of work.


That’s why I am telling you to take small projects, in the beginning, then after you can start taking the big project.  but if you start with the big project you can’t complete the work in time and your client will not satisfy with your work and he will give bad feedback about you so it can become a problem for you in the long run.


3. Sell Your Product Online:

If you have any product that you are selling offline then do you know the same work that you are doing that you can also do online. yes, this true lots of people will know this but many of them they don’t know how to start. but today I will be going to tell you the exact ways how to sell the product in online.


You can sell the products in online without having any your products. have you confused by listening to this but you no need to get any confusion because you can sell the products in online by buying from the online itself and sell the same products by increasing some price of the product.


Ok Now just follow the below Steps:



Amazon Introduced FBA. It stands for “Fulfilled by Amazon“. You have to buy the products in bulk and you have to ship them into amazon store. when your product sells the amazon will take care everything including shipping. you no need to do anything just sit back and relax. once your product sold out then amazon will send you the money after their commissions.



If you want to make money online seriously then eBay will one of the option for you. just you need to open a bay store online and start selling the products. You have to take in seriously then only you can make money out of it. you have found a ship and drop business so it will ship the item straight to the customers.


4. Blogging:

The pretty interesting way to make money Online. actually, I really love blogging and there are lots of bloggers are there on the internet who are making lots of money from their blogs. But who wants to start blogging they should require lots of patience and dedication and making money from blogging is require lots of traffic.


You can make money from the blogging only when you have lots of traffic to your website. Once you reached the high traffic the below steps are the ways that you can monetize your blog.



  • Advertising:

This is the first idea comes for the lots of people mind about advertising. and its very old way too. There are lots of people who are making money from this. But to make huge money from Blogging you should require a good amount of traffic on your website. once you have nice traffic then you have to Apply for Adsense and and many other advertising companies out there.



  • Affiliate Marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is pretty simple there are lots of websites who offering the affiliates programs for publishers. just you have registered on their site and put their banners on your blog if anyone buys the product through your link or Banners then you will get the commission out of it. this is the affiliate marketing in simple term.


  • Products selling:

You can also sell your own Products on your blog. When I say own products means ebooks and Softwares. Just Put on your website if they like they will buy from your blog. your work is not done by putting the products on the website you have to start promoting it.




So, Guys, these are some effective and genuine way o make money online. I will be going to tell you about more ways in the coming article. now do let me know if you have any doubts regarding the make money online.


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