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How to Send Emails with Mail Merge in Gmail

To do Mail Merge Gmail then you have to install the Mail Merge add-on in your Google Account or else if you are the Admin of Google Apps then Simply you can install Mail Merge to all users on G-Suite Domain.


Once you have installed Mail Merge add-on then Simply Follow the Blow Steps to Get Started mail Merge in Gmail.


Mail Merge Gmail:

First, You have to go to the Google Spreadsheet then Click on the Add-ons Menu then You will be able to see one Menu over there with Naming Mail merge with Attachments.


Now Click on the Create Menu Template to Clone the Blank menu page to your Google Spreadsheet. Now you will also See there which it contains Such Columns Like like First Name, Email Address, etc. and if you feel more column to Add there then you can Also see there that you will able to Add more Column.


Now you have to Enter all the Details of the recipients such as Fist Name, email address etc or Elase if you already have the Contact of recipients then You can Also simply Import it From the Google Contact to Mail merge.


If you want to add an Attachment of this Mail then You can simply Add it to a File Attachments column. if your Files is on Google Drive then Go to the Google Drive choose the File by Right Click and Copy the File that you wants to Attached and Paste into the Sheet. Likewise, you can Attach Multiple File By Separating the URLs by Simple Comma.


Once you have all set then it will be sent by Just Click. And Also You will have an Option that you can Send an Email by Scheduling it on particular Time. When You Have Decided to send on Schedule Then You have to Follow the Schedule time in  Use the dd/mm/yyyy hh: mm format.


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Mail Merge Gmail



How to Create the Mail Merge Template:


  • First, to Create Mail Merge Gmail Template  You have to Go to Gmail and Create One New Draft Massage that you can send it to Many.
  • Here you can Add one and more Variables fields Using {{name of the File}} and once this Email sent.
  • You Can Also Insert the File Attachments, inline images, animated GIFs, and Rich-Text Formatting.
  • Now your Your Template is ready you can start Sending the bu Switching to the Mail Merge Gmail Sheet.
  • You Can Send the Email with Mail Merge which you have created in the Draft it will be sent automatically.
  • This Mail Merge Mail Add-on will Send Email Automatically or else you can Also send it on Schedule which you have created the Time.
  • Now you have got An Idea that mail merge with Gmail is very easy. You have to Test it Before Sending it to Large Group.




This is how you can Use “Mail Marge Gmail”. If you have Any doubts Regarding This Post Do let us know in the Comment Section Below.



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