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How to Use Shareit on PC to Transfer Files From / To Mobile | 2019

Shareit on PC: As all, We know Shareit is one of the Fastest and Better ways to Transfer the files between the two devices and it also the best way to transfer to Mobile and Windows PC as well. So Today I will be going to tell you that How to use Shareit on pc to transfer files between mobile and PC and this is one of the Best ways that you can do it on your PC when it comes to the Sharing the Files. 


There are the most advantages of using the share it on the PC even you Don’t need to use the USB cable or Internet When you share the Files fro mobile to PC. Because it only uses the Wi-Fi Hot Spot to transfer the Files in between the two devices but not the internet, you only require an internet connection when you download the application on the PC and Mobile. 


As Most of the People know it is one of the Best ways to transfer the File with Good Speed, also it very Fast and far Better than Bluetooth for sure. If you want to test the Speed of Shareit App then you will get an approximately the results like I have tasted it to send my 350 MB date took me 72 Seconds, which us a Grete Number when you compared with other apps and Bluetooth as well. 


When you want to use the Shareit app on the Windows Pc then you must need to WIFI LAN or wifi Adapter then only you can easily Connect to the Shareit App from the Mobile PC and PC to Mobile. But when it comes the Mobile you no need to have any kind of additional extra accessories just you Smart mobile if Enough to Enjoy the Services on the Shareit on the PC and Mobile. 


Now Follow the Guide below to Understand how to transfer files from android to/from Windows PC. So just GO and continue with the Guide below.


How to install ShareIt on Windows PC  

First, You have to Install the Shareit On the PC before How to use Shareit on pc. 

  • First, you need to Visit the All Shareit Website from the PC.
  • Now click on the Download for Windows which is on the right Side of the Screen.
  • You will able to see to download Shareit for different kinds of Windows versions such a Windows 7,8.1, 10.
  • Select the Windows version that you are Using and click on the Download button.
  • Once it Finished the Download simply Install it on your PC that Ho you will install the other software on your pc.
  • Once it finished the installation you see a desktop icon on the screen just click on the icon and open it.
  • Now you will see the interface of the app o your PC. If you want you can change some settings.
  • You can also change the destination folder by selecting the three lines on the top right of the app now click in the settings.
  • Now the setting interface will open Up, now if you want you can easily change the computer Name which shows on the other devices when you actually share eh files, you can also enter your Name.



shareit for pc


  • Now click on the advanced tab to get more settings to set it Up.
  • Click on the browse button, now you will see your computer folders, its time to select the folder that you wants to save the file that you will receive from the Other Devices.


shareit pc



  • Now click on the save button to saves the settings.


You can check which Folder that you are accessing by Pressing the FOlder icon which is Located to Right of the Screen and Left side of the Three Lines.


How to install ShareIt on Mobile: 

 You can easily Get the Share ti App on our Mobile including the Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. So you can Download share it as per your Platforms that you are using. If you have visited it the Official website you will see the Download platforms all the devices to use.


But Now in this Guide, I will tell you about android now so You can download the file fo the Website for easier you can get it From the Google Play store. I hope you know very Well How to Sdoealod the apps For the Play store and How to Install it. 


How to Use shareit on PC to Transfer Files: 

Do Rember that there are the Different version of the Share it App, When you want to share the Files from Mobile to Pc than you Should need the same version of the Shareit on both the Devices if you have two different you cannot send it. 


Transfer files with Latest Version: 

First, let us know Start sharing the Files from the Latest Version. If you want to share the files from the New Version as I said above you should have the same version if the Shareit on the Mobile. 


shareit app



  • First, you have to Open the App on the PC and Click on the Receive.
  • Open the same latest version app, if you don’t have the latest version then Simply Go to the Google Play store and Click on the Update to get the latest version. Now open the app again in Mobile and click on the send File.


  • Or else you can Click on the icon which is located on the Top left corner. and Click on the Connect to PC.



  • Now you will see the List of the Devices that are available, but if you won’t see any Devices then simply Click on the Scan to Connect. 


  • Scan the QR code on the Desktop, Now you will see the Desktop PC name.
  • Now click on the PC Name then you will able to see accept and Refuse, Click on the Accept.
  • Now its Successfully Connected the two Devices.
  • If you want to send the files from Mobile to PC than Simply Select the Photos and Files and click on the Send to PC.
  • Or else If you want to send from the PC to Mobile just Click on the Files and select the Files and click on the Send files to mobile. 


Transfer files with Old Version: 

This is one if the Best Method to share the files between the Mobile and PC Now if you want to share the files from the PC to Mobile just click and the send Button on the PC and click on the Recieve Button on the Mobile. The same thing for MObile as well, To send the Files from Mobile to PC, Click on the Send Button on the Mobile a receive button on the PC.


Now Let’s check once How to Send the files from the Mobile PC first. 


  • Open the App on your android mobile and open it on the PC as well. Which means you need to Open the apps on the Sender and receiver Devices.
  • Now click the Send Button on the Mobile.

shareit for pc


  • Now select the Files that you want to send on the mobile like Photos, Videos, and any other Documents. You will able to see the different types of files separated in Music, Photos, Videos, and files.


shareit pc


  • Just touch the File that you wants to send it will automatically check marked the file like you can simply mark the file that you wants to send. 
  • Now click on the Next.


Now Open the Shareit App on the PC and follow the Instructions below.


  • Now you have to click on the receive button immediately now you will see the PC name and the sender name that you are receiving the File from. 


download shareit


  • Simply touch on the PC name on your mobile now it will easily send the Files from your Mobile to PC immediately.
  • Now to get to know the files where you have received from thee click on the Folder which besides of the three Lines on the Top right Location. 


Wrapping Up:

Now completed the Guide of How to use Shareit on PC”. If you liked this post Kindly Share and leave a comment on the Below. 


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