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How to Install MSI Files – 2019

MSI Files or Microsoft Installer Files are the files Created by the programmers to Make the install process easier to the User of the Windows and also the procedure that they have explained is also very easy to do this as well. Now when it comes to the MSI Files are very Much User-Friendly because when a user Duble click on the MSI File it will automatically suggest to the user about the installation Procedure for that matter.


Programmers use this procedure as the benefit for them in packaging and distribution of applications easier. Bur to Operate the MSI Files on your Computer then You need to Require the Administration Right to Install in i=on your Windows 7. So First you need to Install it on your PC and then You need to Run it.



msi file 2018



Install MSI Files:


How to install msi Files


Step 1:

First You need to  Double click on the Users Computer icon from the Desktop to Open the File Explorers on your PC.


Step 2:

Now you have to Locate the MSI File which Means find out the Location of the File. If the file is on your DVD and CD then Simply Right Click on the drive on Explorer window and Select Open.


Step 3:

Once you have found the MSI File simply Right Click on the MSI file and Select the Copy Option and Goo the File Explorer and create a Folder on the C drive and name it as “MyMSI.”  Now Open the folder and Paste this MSI file on this Folder by Clicking the right click and select the Paste Option.


Step 4:

Now Minimise or Close the File Explorer and Click on the Start Icon from the Left below a corner of your screen and Select the All programs and Select Accessories and also Right Click on the “Command Prompt” icon then Choose “Run as Administrator” to Open the DOS Command Prompt with administration rights.


Step 5:

Now Simply Type “C:\Windows\System32\msiexec.exe -i C:\MyMSI\.msi”  into the Command Prompt substituting MSI File name to Run the File which you have copied in the Above.




This is the how you can Install “MSI file”. I Hope Now You have Learned About MSI File and all want to know more about Windows Guides then do Let me Know in the Comment Section Below. And If you Find this Guide help Full the Do share with your Friends.


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