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How to Go Straight to Voicemail from Mobile?

Do you want to Speak the person without lifting the phone call? It happens when you not able to pick up the call. it may be you are at the meeting or any other busy place where you can able to talk with someone. In these types of situations, the Voicemail will work great for you.



You may ask for the text message. it may be right but the texting is the time taking process. but when it comes to the voicemail it’s very easy you can send within second that what you want to say to the persons.


So There some different ways to Goto straight to voicemail.


How to go Straight to Voicemail


Calling Voicemail on the Same Provider:

If you want to call voicemail from the same provider so you need to so the number that you want to send the voicemail to the person. With that, you can go the voicemail settings on your mobile and just make sure the number that you want to send the voice mail. then you have o set the number of the person you can leave a message to them.



Using Slydial to Call Voicemail on Another Provider:

You can also send the voice mail by calling to 267-759-3425 number. when you call this number they will tell you some instructions before going to connect the call.



Just you have to follow those instructions and then you should wait till the call connect. once the call connects then you can leave a message that you want to send. to use this service they will charge you to make use of this voicemail service.



Using the Andriod and iOS App (VoiceDrop):


You can also send the Voicemail by using the Voice drop Application which supports to Android and iphone.



You just download the application then start using it by opening the app and dial the number from your contact list. just select the number and leave the message that you wanted you to send. it’s as simple as that.




These are the ways to go Straight to Voicemail from your mobile. if you have any problem regarding this do let me now by the comment section below.


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