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How to Get rid of Facebook ads – 2019 Guide

If you are Getting the repeated ads and feeling Problem with these ads and searching for How to Get rid of Facebook ads, then you are at the right Place to get the Best Solution for your Query.


But if you are waiting for the Best Solution out of what is available on the market then there is no such Special kind of Tools. Because Facebook Major revenue comes from the Ads itself and also it’s not Possible to Block all those ads immediately for sure. But you dont need Dissopinted becase still there are the ways which you can take controll on the ads. If you want to know more abotu the blocking the specific ads and any other ads then do follow the rest of the Guide below.


There are also some ways to Get rid Facebook ads like Using the Ad Blockers and Cleanup the Browser Page. Once you have implemented these you won’t get the Ads, You can Simply Enjoy the Content Only. So if you like to read the main Content without distrubing with the ads then These as blockers will makes your work enjoy.


Now simply Get into the Details That how you can use the Adblockers and some facebook Settings. So There is the Solution Guide just follow. As we all facing the problems with the ads the Question that immediately comes on our mind is How to Get rid of Facebook ads. There are the Multiple Ways to get the solution for this Problem.


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Just follow the Below steps to Get rid of the facebook ads. After you have insteed the Ad Blockers then try to Follow the Below seting on Facebook.

  • First, You have to Login to the Facebook Account.
  • Once you in the account Just Click on the Settings.
  • Now click on the Adverts which is on the Left side of the Screen.
  •  Then Go Adverts with Social Actions and just select “NO ONE”.



You Can also try to get Rid OF facebook ads Using these Adblockers on your Browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox. Actually, there are some Ads blockers Add-ons or Extensions Available that you can Easily block Pop Up ads and some other ads including the Facebook.


You are one of the people who Uses Google chrome a Lot then there are many Extensions Available that can Help to Block these ads Even on Facebook.


Follow the Browsers In the Below and Use their Extention which is Given Beside of the Browsers.


1. Google Chrome – Adblocker.

how to get rid of facebook ads

2. Mozilla Firefox – Plugin.


how to get rid of facebook ads



3. Internet Explorer –  plugin.


How to get rid of facebook ads



This is the COmpleted Guide of “How to Get rid of Facebook ads” I Hope you might have got an Idean About Blocking the Ads on Facebook So that you can only get the content rather disturbing with ads. So If you have more Doubts regarding this Just Do let me know in the comment Section Below.

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