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How to Get Genuine Twitter Followers Fast and Free

As all, we know That Twitter is one of the top Social Network. Everybody assumes that they want to more followers on the Twitter account. Either you are using Twitter for your personal or else for your business.


For any type of account the number of followers should be higher, then only we can reach to the more people and our business will Grow up. Even if it is personal also you need to have lots of followers then only the large number of society will listen what you say.


Ok  For all this, you need to have patience because of the lack of patience lots of people of Failing in their business and any kind of Other work.



Ok, it’s all fine but now that’ the real question that how to Get more followers on Twitter ok Now let’s get into the details.



How to get more followers on Twitter.


When I’m talking about the huge following, the followers should be genuine, not only big by its numbers. If you want to increase the number of followers by just the numbers and then you will have more networks on the Internet that you will get more followers by the just numbers. but this is not the thing what we have to do.



Today I am going to talk about the real followers. I mean the real human’s followers who can respond and interact with your tweets.


Please remember when I am talking about the more number of followers as I said above the numbers are the not important. we need the true followers and genuine followers then only you can get the results as you want.


If you use any other networks like addmefast and follow unfollow game there might be a chance to increase your following numbers but not genuine human a.And this is not the way you actually need to do.


There are lots of companies are following Twitter and even small companies also using Twitter and they are growing their business by using Twitter. Having Twitter is not only the work that will grow your Business. you need to lots of things we need to take care of about your Twitter account So then you get more followers and you can grow business in a short time of period.


As I said above you need to take care lots of things in your Twitter account now I’ll be going to tell you  Tell you that each and everything which can help to grow your Twitter followers.


Twitter is not only the business purpose and it will also connect the people together and make them do very easy way to do conversation and also the better interaction.


The tips you need to follow on your Twitter account to grow your genuine followers:


  • You will get more genuine followers when you have quality traffic on your website or niche.


If you are offering a product, if the product is good then people shows interest to follow you for your upcoming products or else they want to know more about your products then eventually they will search for your social media networks that you have to follow.  Now It’s all about Your time to attract the peoples by your Twitter Account. Attracting means here you no need to any kind of big things just Apply the below Tips.


Your avatar and the cover photo of your Twitter account:



Lots of people think that what’s the big deal in the Avatar but Many people they will Identify you by your avatar itself in social media.  it’s definitely will be the matter.  you have a nice and attractive Avatar on Twitter if you are having a company then you need to upload in nice company logo that the logo should be fixed into the people’s mind.


And don’t take easy to your Twitter Avatar and even don’t change frequently because if people wants to recognize you for a long time then you need to fix a particular Avatar for a long time, then only they will identify you for a particular photo for a long run.



  • So please remember your avatar and cover photo is very very important.



The Bio Of your Twitter Account Should Be Informative:


The Bio will tell what kind of person you are or if you are in business then people will also know what kind of business, and how they are maintaining your business and also many things will know by just seeing your Twitter Bio.


For That, you should have such kind of bio that people will Get instantly attractive, for that you need to write your bio very intelligently. and also try to make a link which redirects to About page This will be helpful for them to know more about you.


Time Of Your Tweet Is also Very Important For your Twitter Account:


The time of Tweet is also very important because when your followers signed in Twitter account then only your Tweet will reach to the more people.



So I should have to know that and you should know the time of your Followers timing and when they are following you and when they signed in the account. its all depends on the country and many more other things.


Find their peak active time on twitter and tweet then only will get more traffic on your site and you will have more chance to increase your followers on Twitter


You Should Fix that What TO Tweet:


The Kind Tweet that you are tweeting and your account are also very important. what type of Tweet and don’t Tweet always about your business keep mixing your personal and business. Because people will also show their interest in your personal life too. so please make sure that Tweet that you are tweeting should be mixed Up.



Try To Link Your Twitter Account to your other social media networks:


Yeah,  This is also very important to find your Twitter account in other places. So they can easily identify your account and they will start following you when you have the above things on Your account like profile picture( Avatar)  Cover Photo and well-written bio, and quality tweets.





So, guys, that’s all for today, I will also tell you the more tips and tricks about Twitter and other social media networks in upcoming articles so please make sure if your doubts regarding this post and any other social media, please let me know by the comment section below.



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