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How Do You Use Your iPhone as a Nintendo Remote Controller?

You can Also use your Apple iPhone as a Remote control for may other Devices which are lot other devices using and having the better experience with them. The gaming company SGN has creates an App called iFUN will give an access t your iPhone as a remote control for Nintendo Wii gaming system which is one of the Best examples that it can be as a Remote controller.


There are lots of people who actually will get confused about these How ann iPhone will work like a Remote. the Simple answer is that like the above app will use an iPhone’s internal accelerometer and touch screen to control the action of your games like Wii game.


So Now let’s see How Do You Use Your iPhone as a Nintendo Remote Controller? and the Best way to Connect iPhone to a remote controller of Nintendo.


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iPhone as a Nintendo Remote Controller



Use Your iPhone as a Nintendo Remote Controller:


Step 1: First you have to Go Open your App store from your Iphine and just need to click on the Search Box that you are able seeing on the screen.


Step 2: Now Enter iFun in the Search box and hit the search Enter button. Now it shows some results of the apps and you need to Select the first ap from the ls and click on the install button. and Finally, you have to wait until its Finished the downloading and install automatically.


Step 3: Now you have to Press the Power button on the Nintendo Wii console to turn on the system.


Step 4: Once you have turned on the Wii console now simply Open the App on your iPhone.


Step 5: After opening the App its time to click on the Sync to Start a search for connectable devices then Wii system will show you on the screen after you have finished the search.


Step 6: Finally Click on the Nintendo Wii option then click on the Connect button.




This is How You Use Your iPhone as a Nintendo Remote Controller. I hope now you have got an idea on how to connect. Still, If you have any doubts regarding this post just do let me know in the comment section below.



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