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How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone and iPad in iOS 10/9/8/7

If you want iCloud activation lock your iOS device like iPhone and iPad, then need to bypass iCloud activation so that you can easily activate your iCloud Activation Bypass.


Recently Apple has come with another best Feature called iCloud activation lock which you can simply Able to Lock your iOS device when you lost it in case. This feature is very useful in device lost cases, and the Bets part of this is you can even Erase all the date that you had on your phone.


You can also able to locate your Mobile using this features by simply login int the iCloud. Whenever you want to locate your phone and lock device You need to have apple ID and Password. But the Main Problem is that If you forgot Your Password and ID then what is the Solution? So the People who asking how to remove iCloud lock without password and how to bypass icloud password on iPad then this is the Guide for you.


Now you no need to worry here the Best Solution that you have to follow for your best is iCloud activation bypass.


Once you have this iCloud activation bypass Tool on your Mobile you no need to Get worried and you will have the Best solution to get back your Apple ID and password or you can create new.  Now We will be going to tell you how to bypass iCloud Activation lock on Apple device which is running iOS 7/8/9/10.


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iCloud Activation Bypassed on iPhone that running iOS 10/9/8/7:


icloud activation lock removal tool free



  • Now you will see the Home page, you have to Select iCloud Unlock from the Left side of the Screen.
  • It’s Time to Enter your IMEI Number o else you can also enter your Serial Number. If you don’t Know What is IMEI number then Dial *#06#  to get the number on your mobile screen.
  • You can also see IMEI number of your iPhone 7, 7+, 6S and 6S Plus on SIM tray. But IF you have iPhone  5, 5C, 5S, SE, 6 and 6+ then you can Find the Number printed back side of the phone.
  • Now you have to Finish the Payment that you will on the screen and you need to wait for 2- 3 days to finish the complete process.


iphone activation lock removal



How to bypass iCloud Activation Lock using


This is also one of the Best Way to bypass Unlock iCloud Activation lock using the Website this is very Trusted Methos so that you actually no need to worry about this Process.


  • First, You have to Go to the and click on the Button which shoes Unlock iPhone.


how to bypass icloud password



  • Now you have to Select Model and iCloud Removal Service for complete the iCloud Activation Bypass process.


remove icloud activation lock


  • Ente the IMEI Number as we Said above and you simply Click on the Unlock.


  • Finally, Make the payment and Wait for 1-3 Days to unlock iCloud Account.


icloud activation bypass tool


Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iOS 10, 9 and iOS 8:


The above two Mweyhods are not Much Friendly to you and if you Don’t go through those MEthods then SImoly Follow the Below Methods then follow this below guide as well, but you have t Remember that it is all on your own Risk to bypass iCloud activation lock.


  • Reboot your iOS device to set up it as a new device to that Proces will be easier. To do that ( On iPhone 7 and 7 Plus press and hold Power Button + Volume Down Button at once and On other iOS device press and hold Power Button + Home Button at once).
  • Now Select the Country and also the languages that you want to use for further.
  • Now you will see the Nearby Wifi Connections, Now you have to press the Home Button and select More WiFi Settings.
  • Click on the “i” icon which is next to the wifi Network that you will Find very easily.
  • Now you will find the Different Options like DNS Settings, You have to enter the Below DNS for the country’s it has shown.
  1. USA/North America:
  2. Europe:
  3. Asia:
  4. In the rest of the world:
  • Now simply Click on the Back to enter your home WiFi network Password.
  • On the iPhone screen, You will see  which has the multiple settings that you will be going to chose the right settings.


This is how you can easily Bypass iCloud Activation that explained in the different types in the Above. We Hope you have understood now that How to bypass iCloud Activation lock on iOS 9 or iOS 8. Still, you have not found the right Solution and the above methods not worked for you then Do let me know in the comment section we always try to Help you in the bets Possible way.


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