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Top Best Android Web Browsers 2018 for Free Download

Browsers for Android: Android is the Top When it comes to the More Users, It is Actually running On 2 Billion Devices which is More than Windows, iOS & other Platforms.


So you can Easily Understand the Capacity of the Android and If you take an Example of this in every 10 People 7 People Are picking The android because of its reliability and the Apps which you can Get Unlimited including the Browsers.


Soo in this Article As I Mentioned in the Title I will be going to tell you the Best Android Web Browers which are very Security and with best At Keeping the Private data Safe of the User.



This is very Important When it comes to the Security while Browsing the Internet. There are many Sies which are Full of Spammy and not security, in those cases, this will be the Best Option for you to Choose the Right Browser so that you can Protect from the Viruses and Spammy Sites.


These days internet is a Very Best Thing and greatest  Era also People are getting Most of the Benefit from the Internet for sure like How much Advantages there are also the same level of Disadvantages which you will not may aware of.


But You can simply Face and Get protected this problem by using the Best and Secure Browser up to the maximum. So I have Just listed the Best Browser for Android 2018. You can simply download them from the below and Enjoy internet without having the Problem for sure.



So let’s see the Top Best browsers for android 2018 in the Below.


Best Browsers for android 2018 For safe and Faster Web Access:


1. Google Chrome:

Google chrome is one of the Best And Quicker android Browser to Acess the Internet Fast and Safe. When it comes to the Features of the Chrome there are many Best Features within this app which makes your Internet Browsing too fact and Safe. The Features such as built-in FlashHTML 5incognito windowData saver and sync all your histories, passwords & bookmarks for all device with The same Gmail ID or One Gmail Account.


If you have Android Mobile with the Inbuot browser and you are not Satifiresng with that then you can Simply Download the Google Chrome on your Android Mobile. Even if your phone is not Powerful enough, Google Chrom will Be the Best option to Browse an Internet too fast and Secure.


Google Chrome sreenshot



It will Use the Less memory which will make your internet Browsing too Fast and the Inbuilt Security patches also make your Browsing on Chrome safe. You will also get the Data Saver Option which will Be very use on the Saving of your Mobile Data. The Below Following Features are the Best Of the Google Chrome Browser on Android.


  • Browse Fast and Safe.
  • Incognito Browsing which you can Browse Private.
  • Do Not Track is Available within the Browser.
  • Best Voice Search which you no Need to Type Long.
  • Fast Download and Offline Watch Videos.
  • View Complete Browsing History And Google translator Built In.



Download Google Chrome For Android


2. Mozilla Firefox:

Firefox is the Browser where you can Find From the Old Days. Before Google Chrome, FOrw Fox is the Top Web Browser with any Add-ons Which will be the Most Effect and Advantage to the User of Firefox. This Web Browser IS open Source for many Developers and The Webmaster in the Previous days and It also Has the Best User Interface and the many Attracting Features.


firefox Sreenshot



You ca Sim0ly Enjoy this Browser without Facing any Issues until your Mobile Network is Down. This Browser is also Support ANd build in Flash Player like Chome which will be the added Advantage for the Browser.


There are the Features which will most Effect to the Internet Browsing and You can Use the internet till the WifiMobile data make will Down.


  • Super and Well Organized Android Mobile Browser.
  • There are plenty Of addons Which is very Supports for Better Usage.
  • You can Also Browse Private Internet.
  • You Can Also Store the Password and Form on this Browser which will be the Help for the Further For Filing and Password.
  • Different types of Supportive Gestures.
  • Synchronize feature to Synchronize The History and Bookmark.
  • Also, has to Do no Track feature.
  • Finally, FireFox also Supported for Flash Player.


Download Firefox For Android


3. Opera:

When we talked Opera then It will be Best For the Android Mobile. This is the browser which not Comes default on the Android Mobile. If you want this Browser then You have to Download it from the Google Play Store for Free of Cost.


Opera screenshot



Actually there two Variants of this Browser one is Opera and another One is the Opera Mini. Opera Browser Is the Main Browse which means you Get all the Add-On and the Features Like Google Chrome and Firefox. This Browser will Support flash, faster downloading, private browsing, tabbed browsing, and you can customize the Browser the way that you like.


This is the Browse that you can simply install and uninstall fro the Android Mobile. The Best part of this Browser is the Faster and the Long time. In the New updates of Opera mini is Coming with the Add blocker which h You can Enable it from the Settings.


  • A clean and Nice User interface when it comes to looks of the Browser.
  • Better Tabs Navigation especially in the Tablets.
  • Smart News Feed to Get the Latest News Updates.
  • Private Tab Browsing.
  • Opera Turbo – For fast Browsing and Save the user data.
  • Ad Blocker- To block Annoying ads and Pop Up Ads.
  • Download tabs easy to manage the Download.
  • Simply Synchronize all the Data by Login into the Browser.


Download Opera For Android


4. Dolphin:

This is the Browser that comes with the Great and nice user interface. It’s completely full of the features with the best such as the Add Bookmark which you can Acces the to your favorite Page instantly without going into the long. There is also features such as built-in flash player and pop-up blocker Which makes your Internet Browsing so easy.


Dolphin browser Screen shot


There are also Some Advanced features like, Gesture support and personalized search which will make your Internet Browsing Suoer easy. There is also Sonar Feature which you can make Voice search within the Browser which will Be Very Helpful in the searching easier.


  • Easy sync bookmarks/history to find the Page without late.
  • The Different types of Gestures are Supported.
  • Voice Search is Available for free.
  •  Flash layer Supported.
  • Super style Browsing Tabs.
  • There is also has the sharing feature within this Browser which you can simply share by Just Click Single button.
  • You can Simply Customize the Setting in such a way that you like.


Download Dolphin for Android



5. Apus:

Apus is the Browser which you will get it for Free on Google Play Store. This is lightweight and very Powerfull Browser which is very Helpfull for your Daily Browsing experience. By its Lightweight its perfectly for All kind of Devices even it will be Supports for low-end Smartphones if its 2G/EDGE & slow internet connections.


Apus browser for android


This Browser is also offering the Many Shortcuts which you can go the web page without entering the URL. The Tab management is one of the Best Advantage for this Browser to Browse and switch between the Tabs is Damn Easy. Incognito and Night modes are additional Features which is easy to turn on them in the Browser Itself.


As I Said above there are the Best Features Such as Speed modeFull screen, desktop siteprivacy sitesoffline pagesnight mode, delete data.


  • Small Size Web Browser Which Size of 3MB.
  • You will also Get Speed mode t load the Pages Speed.
  • Privacy Website which Means you can Lock the Websites for Private Access.
  • Experience the Fat internet even there is Slow Internet Connection.
  • HTML5 Supported.
  • Best Compatible With Tablets.
  • Aso has the Incognito, No images, Game and Night Modes.


Download Apus for Android



These are the Bets and Top 5 Browsers For Android 2018″ which Proving the Best Internet Browsing Experience and Some of them are Good at Speed and Some of then Good in Safe and Many AlreddyDisseced Above. If you have Fin Any other Good Browser Just Do let us know in the Comment Section Below.



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